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The Collector 

Janessa A. Henderson has a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Master of Arts in Teaching, and a professional teaching license for English grades 7-12. She is a certified ACT  tutor and is currently a doctoral student.

Janessa is a native of Memphis, Tennessee. She is a veteran educator with the Shelby County School District for 10 years. 

Janessa named her company after as saying that she likes to tell her students when they are needing redirection or focus. That saying being, "Please collect your life". This has has turned into a staple for Ms. Henderson as she navigates through her teaching career and her career as a doctoral student as well as juggling life in general. 

She hopes Collect Your Life Inc. can help and assist students grades 7-12 through collegiate levels and anyone that just may need some redirection with writing skills, ACT preparatory, or life in general. 

Prepare to be collected.

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